Legal Services

InvestBusinessGroup specialists have a great experience in consulting legal services.
These services are provided by the competent specialists.

Our activity is focused on the three main directions:

  • Verbal and written legal consultations;
  • Taking part in negotiations and various coordination procedures;
  • Legal opinions and expertise of various procedures.

Verbal and Written Legal Consultations

We choose competent decisions and solution variants to the issue of the client’s concern.
Our clients are the leaders of large companies, heads of legal support departments who require help in facing the difficulties. In such case InvestBusinessGroup specialists are ready to provide consulting in the written or verbal form. The main objective of their activity lies in professionalism and individual approach that is why consultations shall be held where and when it is most convenient for the clients. Besides, having received the information on the essence of the problem, the employees will find several unexpected and profitable solutions.

Sometimes our staff members have to take part in negotiations, various procedures of contracts or transactions coordination. If the client has a problem, there is a need for an additional support or it is necessary to find the way out of a difficult situation, he needs only the most qualified partners able to provide the timely assistance. We suggest the competent business-concierge and our opinion will help the clients to make the right choice that is the secret of our being a partner in very different issues. Our company disposes of the best specialists who will spend all their time solving the legal aspects of the client’s activity and provide grounded legal opinions concerning the given situations. Thus, having received our opinion, the client can refer to the rules of law, the Russian legislation as well as to a number of legal instruments necessary in each separate case found by InvestBusinessGroup employees. We are motivated in sounding our client’s opinion, protecting his point of view in letters, responses, applications, offers and acceptances.

Legal Opinions

It happens quite often when our clients require a comprehensive legal support of business including legal opinions, expertise for deciding on complicated and large-scale issues. In such cases we undertake a serious analysis and closely investigate the problem.

Lawyers have reputations of the leaders of legal opinions, they support it very easily with the help of deductions
and recommendations concerning the major transactions development perspectives, independent business processes, litigation or risk initiation.