Court and judicial

Every day we offer consultations to our clients, administrators and managers of companies who have faced the issues which seem to be unsolvable. But the qualification, experience, good knowledge of specialists of the company InvestBusinessGroup rendering court and judicial services, commercial litigation and complex judicial protection let them find necessary solutions. Our job approach includes not only our assistance to the client but also representing his interests as our own. This enables us to solve the most difficult issues, such as consideration of civil cases (arbitration, court), legal representation or conduct of the proceedings.

The complex of business-concierge services in sphere of legal protection of citizens, managers of companies and organizations can include following stages:

  • pre-trial period of disputes settlement and mediation;
  • period of direct legal disputes, assistance in settlement of court examinations of all instances;
  • post-trial activity, for example, organization and control of enforcement of court decisions and various deeds;
  • corresponding types of court and judicial services.

Our company offers support at all stages and is ready to start job whenever you want. Long-term experience of large-scale projects, search for and implementation of solutions of complicated issues and originality of thought enable us to conduct the cases in sphere of civil, commercial, property, corporate and other economic relations, to provide representation in Court of Arbitration, as well as in Court of Appeal and Federal Court.

The business-concierge for legal protection of citizens can include following services alongside with representation in Court of Arbitration:

  • support in already commenced cases on proxy, on secondary proxy, and collateral conduct with legal department of client’s company;
  • participation at various stages of court proceeding and hearing;
  • appeal against judicial acts in various instances including highest and supervisory instances;
  • enforcement proceedings arrangement and control thereof;
  • mediation, arrangement, participation, as well as support of all procedures related to pre-trial and peaceful settlement of disputes as well as conclusion, sanction and fulfillment of peaceful agreements.

If you need competent legal advice, specialists of InvestBusinessGroup will assist you in solving the issue. When you require a competent specialist who will protect your interests in various authorities we will provide you with the most experienced specialist in corresponding sphere. When you require competent opinion, individual approach, flexible and bold decisions, fast implementation and guaranteed result, the company InvestBusinessGroup is at your service!