Assistance in solving the difficulties of our clients is a main task of InvestBusinessGroup specialists, therefore, we offer entire range of services which can attract managers of enterprises.
The support of companies during registration of immovable property and land parcels is one of the main spheres of our activity. The manager who intends to obtain a business centre or trading grounds can consult our specialists any time and they are ready to assist him in procedure of registering the immovable property.

Specialists of the company InvestBusinessGroup assist in finding the competent solutions of all issues related to registration of immovable property rights, real estate transactions, property rights, and registration of land parcels. Advice of our professionals will help a manager to avoid troubles and concentrate on building the business.

We offer wide range of services in sphere of registration
of the immovable property and land parcelsе, which includes:

  • gathering the information related to the immovable property object or land parcel in which our client is interested;
  • juridical expertise of client’s documentation;
  • provision of documentation adapted for certain partner and satisfying the requirements of authority engaged in state registration of rights to immovable property  and land parcels;
  • execution of all necessary applications and preparation of competent and legally correct agreements;
  • reconciliation of premises alterations;
  • submitting the package of documents to authorities of state registration of rights to land or immovable property;
  • tracing the documents during all registration procedure;
  • support of comprehensive information to a partner at any time;
  • development of competent solutions of client’s issues during the registration process;
  • reception of documentation and transfer of rights to immovable property or land parcels to a client.
The business-concierge model for issues of registration of rights to immovable property and land parcels is very efficient and qualitative, because the package analysis is held before submission of the documents. We are ready to start our job at any time because during the registration process one can face certain points of suspending the registration or refusal. This makes it possible for us to secure reliable and competent solutions of all issues of our client.