of financing

 Modernization, business development, and marketing development of an enterprise are impossible without solving such necessary task as mobilization of financing.

Since specialists of the company InvestBusinessGroup work in modern market conditions they understand that additional financial possibilities give a chance to many company clients to improve strategy and attain effective result.

Therefore, our company is interested in assisting the developing enterprises to search and mobilize capital according to the goals assigned.

Our specialists know that the company activity can be financed from two main sources: by means of outside funds and own finances. It is only business tasks that our clients can solve utilizing the last source. During consultations specialists of InvestBusinessGroup always emphasize its advantages, for example, high speed of attracting the finances as wells as complete independence of the company which uses these means. Meanwhile it should be noted that own finances are far from being sufficient for all needs of an enterprise. After analyzing the activity and plans of the company we often recommend our clients to resort to mobilization of financing, which is traditionally divided into two parts – capital assets and loan funds.

Loan financing means issuance of a credit or a loan to the company on the grounds of positive financial result in business activity before crediting, whereas investments are involved in expectation of future financial success. Meanwhile the achieving progress directly depends on realization of investment project. When credit sources are used for mobilization of financing the borrower is liable for its use and possible risks, and the company will be liable for credit instruments with all its assets.

Specialists of the company InvestBusinessGroup know very well that in case of engaging the investors the project risks are divided between all parties and, therefore, our client will be liable only for financial instruments within the limits of the planned project. The mobilization of capital from investment sources deliver from necessity of paying interests while our specialists keep strict watch on competent utilization of means.

Specialists of the company InvestBusinessGroup will assist you to choose appropriate sources and methods of mobilization, select most acceptable variants, conduct detailed analysis of company’s needs and calculate flow of funds.

Our company offers following services to its clients:

  • analysis of need of additional finances;
  • determination of most appropriate sources of funding;
  • composing the investment documents;
  • search and mobilization of funding source;
  • analysis of contract conditions;
  • consulting at all stages of mobilizing the additional financial assets.