Professional appraisal
of property, projects
and business

Specialists of the company InvestBusinessGroup provide services of appraising the property, projects and business. Whether you plan the business and want it to be successfully developed or prefer to acquire any other project – the appraisal of prospects and chances of its development will be indispensable.

Our qualified specialists are ready to assist you in this complicated matter and professionally appraise the project scheduled.

We will promptly and effectively render the following services:

evaluatemarket price of immovable property object;
evaluate property of enterprise;
evaluate real estate objects owned by the Russian Federation or a subject of the Russian Federation and recommended to inventory, sale and purchase transaction or lease rates optimization;
determinelease rate level suitable for leaseholders of state property;
appraisedifferent equipment, vehicles and machinery;
calculatedamage cost of vehicles;
assessprospects of enterprise, ongoing business, joint-stock holdings, accounts receivable, appraise project risks;
conductreevaluation of permanent assets of organizations of various forms of ownership;
appraiseprospect of intellectual property objects;
conductexpress-appraisal of projects, property and business.
Shall you choose any of services listed, you will obtain competent opinion of specialist in project appraisal which is extremely important for optimization of the taxable base of organization. After appraisal of enterprise property our specialists will also determine how to utilize the object most effectively, carry out bankruptcy procedure, mutual settlement of accounts and re-structuring of the company. The appraisal of project efficiency can be required for introducing the property to the authorized capital, liquidation or re-organization of a company, legal procedure and making justified decisions on sale and transfer, crediting, investment or pledge.
Specialists of the company InvestBusinessGroup use various methods of appraising the business. In any single case we apply special criteria for assessment of a project, its prospects and most favorable course of events. Using the acquired basis and schemes which are applied all over the world we work with each client separately and consider particular characteristics of his activity. If you require qualified consultation in appraisal of any project, property or business plan, our specialists will start job enthusiastically.