Support of real estate

The company InvestBusinessGroup successfully renders its services in sphere of immovable property and real estate transactions.
Most common operations include regulation of purchase and sale transactions of apartments, land parcels, nonresidential premises and lease.
Privatization of land parcels, state registration of immovable property rights, registration of right to any immovable property are the operations of InvestBusinessGroup specialists which are connected with a difficult institution of interaction between private and public law. The state and private interests often conflict here, meanwhile we always take a side with our client and find efficient and elegant solution of the issues. They often concern astronomical amounts of money, therefore, starting the support of immovable property transactions we, actually, have no right to mistake. Specialists of our company work with regulations of Civil, Town-Planning, and Housing Codes, federal laws as well as legislation of Russian Federation subjects. It is a considerable volume of information, and specialists of the company InvestBusinessGroup are perfectly familiar with it.

Our company offers wide range of services
including the following operations:

  • support of immovable property transactions;
  • juridical assessment of land parcel, immovable property and rights thereto;
  • support of land transactions;
  • privatization of land parcels and various immovable property objects;
  • organization and structurization of real estate and land transactions.
With all necessary knowledge and team of qualified specialists we are always ready to assist in solving any disputes related to land or immovable property. Specialists of the company InvestBusinessGroup carry out thorough consultations, work with large-scale projects including large-scale assessment of land parcel, assistance in privatization of land, representation of client’s interests in state authorities or protection of customer and his property in court. Assistance of specialists of InvestBusinessGroup is indispensable in real estate and land transactions (registration of lease, purchase of property or development).