Selection and realization
of investment projects

The necessity of developing the business is obvious to any administrator of large or medium-sized company. This will not only strengthen his place in the market, secure a new segment and assistance to gain significantly greater income but will justify his reputation as well. Seeking the additional financial means for business development the companies’ owners consult specialists of the company InvestBusinessGroup.

Our team of specialists includes wise pragmatists who promptly determine the methods to ensure your company’s progress. The first one is crediting and loan a substantial amount from banking institution, while developing the investment project and engagement of reliable investor is the second. It is exactly the second method that gives you an opportunity to consult our qualified specialists.
The specialists of the company InvestBusinessGroup are qualified and experienced in searching investors for realization of any project. Using their experience and original decisions they explore the efficiency of the project and its prospect.

In selecting the capital investment projects
our specialists consider criteria as follows:

  • amount of money required for the project;
  • particular characteristics of company’s activity;
  • structure of enterprise;
  • client’s project preferences.
After determining the above-listed criteria of the project our specialists start to shape it. The development of capital investment project begins with analysis of company’s activity. The specialists of the company InvestBusinessGroup use a definite scheme which includes determination of company position for the time being, identification of most profitable strategy and prospects, and assessment of development program. Besides, specialists determine the potential and management’s ability to realize the entire program in the most effective way.
The actual investment project is impossible without reliable investor engaged. Our specialists compose investment proposal stating all ideas and prospects for business development attractive for potential investor. Our company uses acquired schemes and in the meantime applies original methods and finds most promising variants of cooperation. One can identify three stages of realization of investment project: pre-investment, investment and operational. Together they form life cycle of the project and every stage is reliably controlled by specialists of InvestBusinessGroup.