Trust Management
of Assets

Experience being at disposal of InvestBusinessGroup specialists allows us to propose the most up-to-date services and guarantee the highest quality of their execution.

Among those services we can specially single out trust management of assets.
If you dispose of free financial funds but don’t know where to put them, our specialists will help you to solve this dilemma and find the most profitable variant for you. Besides, we are ready to undertake trust management of your real estate: our qualified staff can control the activity of the whole trading or business-center.

Only competent persons whose experience is reliable can to put their monetary assets in a wittingly profitable business. Being a competent specialist in the area of investment and financing, InvestBusinessGroup team members work in the way that clients get maximum return from the projects realization. Besides, they have minimum monetary expenditures and professionalism of our specialists is at its maximum. Because of InvestBusinessGroup having a strict division among specialists and working domains trust management of securities and real estate is the prerogative of those employees who are competent in this very area and possess all necessary knowledge concerning the securities market, situational projecting and assets management.

Financial consultant of our company
shall be fully engages in the following obligations lying in:

  • Efficient and profitable placement of the client’s available assets;
  • Continuous monitoring of situation on the securities market;
  • Analyzing the environment of financial assets turnover;
  • Executing deposit transactions;
  • Conducting commercial schemes;
  • Providing all information concerning the transactions done and condition of the investment portfolio.
As to trust management of real estate, our staff can show the right spirit solving issues with leaseholders, providing full technical premises maintenance, and coping with al exploitation questions. We provide control of the whole exploitation process freeing our partners from excess worries.

Touching upon the details of the trust management of assets and real estate process, it is necessary to underline that this is a licensed type of activity performed on the contractual basis. In this contract we define all the terms, procedure and the list of financial funds that will be used by the consultant. Thus, our client becomes fully protected from any negligent actions. Trust management of assets is conducted on the basis of transparency policy and includes a high-level administration.