Team of specialists of InvestBusinessGroup works under conditions of market laws being continuously changed and amended. But one of them stays inviolable: weak companies give way to more powerful economic subjects boosting their capital. In this regard bankruptcy is one of the most efficient instruments being at disposal of competent administration managers. With the help of this tool we can reach stability in development, predictability and efficiency of market relations and company life. InvestBusinessGroup provides professional legal support to creditors, debtors, administrative receivers and other persons implementing bankruptcy procedure for any company or commercial organization.

We have clients defining us quite different goals and procedures of legal entity bankruptcy.

Among the most prevailing we have to single out:

  • Using this procedure as a civilized and law corresponding tool of liquidating an enterprise yielding losses. In such cases the applying person is represented by the bankruptcy originator managing the debtor-company which debts exceed its profits and property;
  • Using the procedure of company bankruptcy to return debts of the debtor having no possibility or will to pay off his liability. As a rule, in such cases the applying person is represented by the creditor;
  • Using bankruptcy to capture the debtor-company’s assets as well as for changing management structure is gaining its popularity. In the course of such procedure the efficient market tries to get rid of inefficient and nonviable subjects and our clients obtain core assets and achieve a range of concomitant goals.

Our staff members possess all necessary knowledge concerning legal entity bankruptcy and can provide any services aimed at protecting interests within the framework of this procedure beginning with consulting and ending with the full support on every stage.

We can suggest:

  • Consulting debtors concerning all legal aspects of transactions, taking part in committee of creditors, bankruptcy proceedings as well as financial improvement;
  • Protecting interests of all persons taking part in the bankruptcy procedure.