Competent real estate development is an art to manage projects on every stage. Experience of InvestBusinessGroup specialist has been already proved by the leaders and managers of the most different business-structures therefore ensuring success for their projects and enjoying a considerable profit.
Legal services
InvestBusinessGroup specialists have a great experience in consulting legal services. These services are provided by the competent specialists who specialize in verbal and written legal consultations, taking part in negotiations and various coordination procedures, legal opinions and expertise of various procedures.
Investment projects
The specialists of the company InvestBusinessGroup are qualified and experienced in searching investors for realization of any project. Using their experience and original decisions they explore the efficiency of the project and its prospect.
Raising finance
Specialists of the company InvestBusinessGroup will assist you to choose appropriate sources and methods of mobilization, select most acceptable variants, conduct detailed analysis of company’s needs and calculate flow of funds.
Specialists of the company InvestBusinessGroup provide services of evaluating the property, projects and business. Whether you plan the business and want it to be successfully developed or prefer to acquire any other project – the evaluation of prospects and chances of its development will be indispensable.
Subscription service
InvestBusinessGroup company specialists have a huge experience of working in various domains of legal studies and support. We provide competent subscriber legal maintenance and guarantee efficient decision making concerning the issues of any difficulty. This service involves continuous, timely and strategic support of our partner in the area of law and information and legal domain.
Real Estate / Land
The company InvestBusinessGroup successfully renders its services in sphere of immovable property and real estate transactions. Most common operations include regulation of purchase and sale transactions of apartments, land parcels, nonresidential premises and lease.
Registration services
Specialists of the company InvestBusinessGroup assist in finding the competent solutions of all issues related to registration of immovable property rights, real estate transactions, property rights, and registration of land parcels. Advice of our professionals will help a manager to avoid troubles and concentrate on building the business.
Judicial and Legal Services
Every day we offer consultations to our clients, administrators and managers of companies who have faced the issues which seem to be unsolvable. But the qualification, experience, good knowledge of specialists of the company InvestBusinessGroup rendering court and judicial services, commercial litigation and complex judicial protection let them find necessary solutions.
Team of specialists of InvestBusinessGroup works under conditions of market laws being continuously changed and amended. But one of them stays inviolable: weak companies give way to more powerful economic subjects boosting their capital. In this regard bankruptcy is one of the most efficient instruments being at disposal of competent administration managers.
Trust management
If you dispose of free financial funds but don’t know where to put them, our specialists will help you to solve this dilemma and find the most profitable variant for you. Besides, we are ready to undertake trust management of your real estate: our qualified staff can control the activity of the whole trading or business-center.