"Invest business group"

InvestBusinessGroup - the evolution in approach,
literacy in the decisions at least cost,
maximum result.

Current market conditions are such that the owners of companies, competent managers are forced every day to deal with complicated situations in the legal, consulting and investment areas of the company. Some people try to cope on their own, others give up, never finding a way out, while others are searching for competent professionals who can help solve the problem. Individual approach, extensive experience and ability to reduce project risks - that is looking for a wise leader. InvestBiznesGrupp - a team of specialists who have all these qualities together with the employees of the client company will make great tandem that can solve the problem of any level of complexity.

The organization InvestBiznesGrupp gathered a staff of qualified professionals who care about their profession. As the leaders individually, together, these people make up a unique team, constantly evolving, put in the work, not only professionalism and knowledge, but also the soul. Here, everyone has a place where it can most effectively express themselves and thereby ensure the success of the project and the leadership of the company.

We are ready to provide qualified employees,
who are experts in such areas

  • Development of real estate to increase the value of the property by the reconstruction, other changes;     
  • consulting legal services legal advice, participation in negotiations;     
  • selection and implementation of investment projects search of profitable investment projects and assist in their implementation;     
  • fundraising finding reliable sources of investment;     
  • property appraisal, projects and business competent support professionals and experts of the wise;         
  • subscription services full range of services that may be needed to the client in real estate development and consulting;     
  • support of real estate, land     
  • registration services a full range of services for the registration of ownership of property and land;     
  • judicial and legal services comprehensive legal protection of clients;     
  • bankruptcy bankruptcy services, assistance in order to avoid this procedure     
  • asset management, real estate assistance in business management (trading areas and business centers), full technical support facilities.  

Experience and responsibility

In InvestBusinessGroup each has its own areas of responsibility: the employee is focusing at a certain time, controls it from start to finish, while addressing all issues.

We work cohesively with wisdom and come to the rescue in a timely manner:

  • head of the company must be competent to carry out an investment project - we can help find an investor.     
  • responsibility for the financial flows of the person you need to invest money in the notoriously successful business - extensive experience will help us to find this and help in its implementation. However, there are times when all invested in projects that have a desire to grow and we will find a reliable partner or tools of financial management.     
  • The representatives of the company's managers have difficulty in obtaining legal services - our staff will join at any stage of the development of events and is responsible for finding suitable solutions.  

individual approach

Guided by the opinion of competent professionals InvestBiznesGrupp, managing your company make informed and thoughtful decision on the future development of the business.

Our customers - the people who have at their disposal a variety of business structure and want to develop them in the right direction.

Working for the future, helping in the implementation of investment projects of all sizes, providing legal services and providing consulting support, experts are searching InvestBiznesGrupp obviously effective projects with minimal risk and maximum profit. Receiving from the CEO all the necessary information, we make an individual schedule, monitor, evaluate options and offer some of the most successful.

Striving for excellence

It is naive to believe that one day build a positive reputation for the company will work forever. Our staff is well aware of this, because constantly improving their skills and continually learn something new in the profession.

We do not just study the experience of foreign colleagues, analyzing their work and results, but also to raise the qualifications of the various Russian and international trainings and participate in programs that allow to develop skills in business and investment. This is important not only for the personal growth of employees, but also for the success of our clients and confirm the reputation of competent and steadily growing company.